Speed up your mobile using some eternal settings

Speed up your mobile using some eternal settings

As the mobile prices become low, the demand for cell phones increases. People use different categories or cell phones having multiple features, but after using some time, mobile phones show low performance, its happens because of some internal settings which we don’t care about that. To fix these settings in a standard way you can boost your mobile phone without using any software. Using mobile boosters slow down the cell phone, because they also need mobile energy to perform, so speed boosters are not helpful to make cell phone faster

Sittings you need for good performance:

Here are some settings that are discussed which your need to enable or disable in your cell phone, sometimes we don’t care about these settings in your cell phone and it makes our cell phone slow. By enabling these settings in your cell phone you will feel the excellent speed in your cell phone.

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  1. Open settings, select account and sync and turn off automatic sync
  2. Open play store and tap settings, close automatic update of apps
  3. Remove every external battery saver app from your device
  4. If you got some app which is making problem at your call phone; Open this app from settings and clear its all data
  5. Use developers settings in cell phone settings and turn off all animated scales

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