How to Get Kuwait Visit Visa?

How to Get Kuwait Visit Visa?

General Information:

  • A Kuwait company, resident foreigner, or a relative living in Kuwait must sponsor you if you want a visitor’s visa of Kuwait.
  • Before traveling, you can get your passport stamp and visa processed in the embassy of Kuwait.
  • You can also send or fax a copy of your passport to obtain your visa. You can also fax the text of your passport to get your permit. They will, in turn, fax you a copy of your visa, which you can use to travel. They will provide you with the original visa when you are entering the country.
  • At least two working days are needed to obtain a visiting visa for Kuwait. If a hotel is arranging a visit visa for business matters, this process may take up to 7 days.
  • While you are in Kuwait on a visitor visa, you cannot work there. If you want to work, you must obtain a work permit or a residency visa.

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Documentation Required:

Following are some documents mentioned in the checklist

  • The application form must be filled entirely and truthfully
  • You must attach the necessary declaration along
  • A valid passport and its copy
  • Passport sized pictures
  • Your latest bank statement and its copy
  • Adequate medical and travel insurance
  • A reference letter from an educational institute or your employer
  • You also must provide proof that you have enough means to financially support yourself and a place of residence for the entire duration of your stay in Kuwait
  • A Visa fee is required to be paid along with the application

Other Visa Acquisition Requirements for Kuwait

  • Vaccination

In typical cases, vaccination and its proof are not mandatory to get entrance permission in Kuwait. However, it is necessary if you belong to a county that is infected by viral diseases like cholera, malaria, or yellow fever. These certifications prove that you are healthy, and you will not be a source of transmission for any of these diseases. Visitors coming from an infected country may also have to go through thorough medical examinations. Usually, a simple medical check-up is recommended.

Addresses in Kuwait

Upon entering the county, you must file a form in which you specify your accommodation. All the hotels of Kuwait must inform the ministry of interior about the entries and exits of the foreigners. You also must tell the immigration department about your latest location If you change it within the first 48 hours.

The Validity of The Visa

You must enter the country within the next 90 days after you have been issued the permit. You can stay in Kuwait for a month after entry.

Extension of Visa

If you are in Kuwait for a visitor visa, you can only stay for up to 30 days. If you wish to extend your time, you will have to pay more for each day you extend. After your visa has expired, you will not be allowed to exit Kuwait before paying your due fines.

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